Dead Ants

Ant was Dead

How long did you stuck on the cellophane tape
Nobody knows
How long did you fell into the water
Nobody knows
It stuck under your sole
You were deliberately did that
Do not pretend that you don’t know
Someone said they were soldiers in the Past
They were very hardworking group
Please don’t be ruthless to them
I’m not allow my family and friends to kill Ant.


About Art III

What is art?
Life? Philosophy? Thoughts? Evolution? Attitude? Tendencies? Trend? Culture? Humanities? Aesthetics? Capitalism? Idealism? Perfectionism? Thinking? Space? Vision? Hearing? Taste? Smell? Tactile? Mind? Travel? Explore? Simulation? Simulacrum? Memory? Debris? Archive? Disappear? Spend? Feelings? Embody? Abstarct? Movies? Photography? Paintings? Sculpture? Animation? Colour? Lighting? Structure? Means? Meme? Science? Sci-Fiction? Geography? Physic? Illusory? Imaginary? Substitute? Rubbish? Environmental friendly? Cycle? Politics? Sex? Business? Scene? Habitat? Movement? Static? Celebration? Culture? Control? Connection? Subconscious? Experience? Existence?

About Art II

What is Art?
Drink a cup of wildberries tea, read some pages from a favorite book, write some words into your personal blog, play some chords with a classic piano, download best tracks into your Itune, take some pictures with your DSLR while attending to best friend’s wedding; It’s an invention to produce best tea, it’s time and thoughts for writing words, it’s to express feeling with sounds that make heart beating with rhythmn, it’s to construct a narrative that can inspire you, it’s to freeze the best moments of your life when meant to look back your history, it’s archive.
It’s to find meaning for life.


Space is infinity;
in and out of the earth,
in and out of the country,
in and out of the forest,
in and out of the house,
in and out of the body,
in and out of the brain,
in and out of atom,
2D, 3D, 4D, 5D,
north south east west,
up down left right,
below, above, underneath,
sizes, shape or form,
gases, liquids and solids,
between human with human,
between animal with plant,
man made or natural,
individual or group,
from winter to spring,
from live till death,
tranquil or busy,
from here till there,
protect or vandalism,
cause and consequence,
presence and absence,
visible and invisible,
continue or discontinue.


Rhythm comes from mode of life, such as daily lifestyle, stages of a growing plant, cloud floating on the sky, the little kid in the sports field, the plot of a movie, activities in a wet market, weather from the natural world, tools for work, foundation of a construction place…it continues from day to day, and this created music, stories, film, architecture, design items and all are according to the changes of rhythm.

Listening to the Rhythm of the falling rain.

Colour Makes HIM


make IT fascinating,
make HIM sigh,
make YOU sad,
make SHE can’t breath,
make ME angry,
make HIM quiet,
make THEM boring,
make US exciting,
make YOU good appetite,
make THOSE fun,
make HER happy,
make IT explore,
make ME feel mysterious, crazy and confuse.
Thousand years ago, it has been closely connected with culture, religion, belief, myth and humanities.
Great artists choose their own palettes,
Some artists also present different visions of belief, thought and sentiment expression.


Thinking changes lead to change the pace of the world. Fast, slow, unstoppable, capitalism, monopoly, employer, employee, rich, poor, insensitive, boring, tired, materialistic. Every city, from suburban to city, human relationship from close to far, from generous to stingy, from kind and grateful to greedy and harmful, from approachable to calculative. In Kuala Lumpur, crimes is everywhere, everyone is scared and beware.
Those are the contradictions that developed within me right after I read the “Seen from the Window”(Lefebvre, Henri, 1996:219-227).


Air pollution; we breath every second.
Water pollution; we drink healthier, I wish.
Soil pollution; we plant as we can.
Noise pollution; I prefer meditation music.
Radioactive pollution; we can use other energy, I think.
Thermal pollution; we need food but we want more?
Light pollution; I’m living in the city, that’s what I can see at night, even daytime.
Visual pollution; I need information of your products? Not all of them, please don’t keep me posting advertisement on my timeline (Facebook).


Obviously, mirror is to show a reflection. But the reflection of human’s inner side and subconscious thinking and imagination not necessarily can be seen via mirror. However, when you are talking with yourself in the mirror, you will discover another you. Besides mirror, eyes, glass, books, behavior or art piece are the elements that reflects your life and emotions together with your thinking and this includes your feelings and desires (emotions: joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments, affection; desires: lust, vanity, dignity, pleasant sounds, good life/death and sensual pleasures); The thinking between innocent and maturity, empty or full, surface or in depth.


Grit is needed, while doing, studying, learning, and making artworks.
“Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but also for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality.”
(The key to success? Grit, 2013) by Angela Lee Duckworth, a psychologist.

Please click here to see the full version of the speech.


It’s an impression, borderless, horizontal, square, round or any form, involves gases, temperature, distance, echo, environment, scenery, tranquil, busy, nature, man made, common, spectacular, co-ordinate with five senses. It’s everywhere, see it while you are walking, hiking, swimming, picnic, having coffee, reading magazine or dreaming. It has height, weight, beat, and rhythm, sound, movement or still. It’s a drawing, a sculpture, an ornament, a video or movie. It has an intimate relationship in human, a side, live view, impression or an imagination space.



Colour is one of the important elements in my life. Even black or white, it is still considered as a color. Color comes from the spectrum, the measurement of the different light waves. Color range in my palette is uncountable. White as snow, sea waves and cloud; Blue from the sky and sea; Green, the color of leaves, trees, lake; Red is hot like fire, blood, hibiscus; sunflower is yellow, lavender is purple, orange can be the orange. Seasons change, the color of the nature changes too.



Paternal love
Maternal love
Brothers and Sisters
Flowers and Trees
Big fat Whiskers
Strong loyal Golden
Thick Forest
Sunny Beach
Across the seas
Learn from ancestors
Sailing forward