Chance and Materiality

Skills: FINE ART

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‘Art is the soul of culture, thought, action, visual, audio, verbal, expressive, construct, deconstruct, destroy, reconstruct, living, death, moving, traveling, journey, changing, learning, experience, success, failure, and having close relationship with science including geology, biology, sociology, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Why making art and why am I making art pieces? It may not come by with any appointed reason, but it can be the results of experience, chance, memory, experiment, and habitual action. Art has the possibility to be presented in different ways including video, photograph, music, drawing, sculpture, and temporary installation piece. Art is something that I can plan where to start and where to stop, or I do not. It comes from my experiments and experiences. Also, it has been explored under different circumstances, weather, space and frame in mind. Art is the reflection of individual towards environment, politic, life cycle, and human behavior. Therefore, I am an agent whom represents a phenomena or a screen of art in a new way.’  -Naomiching-

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