December 2014

This is my home
at the foot of the mountain
with a coconut tree in front of my house
with lots of flowers
Father is working whilst mother takes care of home
Brothers and sisters get together happily
I love my home
This is my home
I love my home

An old nursery rhyme I learnt back in my primary school at the aged of 7. This song is totally describing my home. I grew up in a quiet, tranquil and comfortable environment. As time goes by, the surrounding space of my home getting smaller and smaller, wall turns colder, no more trees and stream. Trees are getting lesser. In just 10 years’ time, high skyscrapers are built up and I had no choice but to move from land to a fifth floor apartment. My house no longer grow flowers, I have to travel 20 kilometers away from home by light-railed train, to reach a decent park to play kites. Business centers were built up one by one, and closing up one by one. Up and down, down and up, the same goes to airport, sports centre. Historical mural wall was painted by hand which more than 100 years were ruined, just for a new modern building. This is city, red means stop, green means go, and people just like to follow the others in order to fit into the society. Walking pace of people in the city is fast, unlike in small town, people will greet you when they see you. Now, you have to be careful when you ask for help from stranger, alarm system is a must have in all the houses and cars. If you miss the life of past years, you have to move back to suburban. No matter how bright and beautiful the city is, once the light is off, the loneliness of the city will slowly crawl in you.

Drawing and Editing: Naomiching
Music: Zin Chin http://zinchin.wix.com/portfolio
Vocal: Naomiching