Skills: FINE ART

May 2019


Paint on wall
107 x 19 ft

Play – How it shapes the brain, open the imagination, and invigorates the soul.’ – Stuart Brown, M.D.

In architecture, an old wall is mostly an abandon space, transforming the wall can give powerful energy changing it’s dullness. To paint a large-scale word search puzzle on the old-town wall, will create an interaction between art and architecture, people and art, people and knowledge, people and people, as well as people and oneself. Passerby’s include local residence and tourists, they can interact with the art work, which may bring new ideas and joy in a fresh environment. ‘When we play, we are open to possibility and the sparks of new insights.’ and ’a successful super-graphics is typically on three points: a strong concept, interaction with the architecture, light, and space, and relationship to the viewer. Many people can paint stripes on a wall, whereas a designer can use the entire volume, sense of place, and context, and change the environment to create a story with words, colour and shapes.’

The hidden answers in the word search puzzle are all related to Kajang, this is to exercise the mind of the passerby, reminding them of special things about our town. Objects or history that we are familiar with which included Stadium, Satay, Mining and so on.

Besides, this wall serves as decoration in the town, giving an absolute freshness, plus new ideas regarding the transformation of an old to modern living space, it will give a sense of contrast between the old town history and todays’ world.

Aim of this work is to bring radical innovation, creativity, curiosity and joy to people.

Naomiching & Zin Chin

Brown, Stuart. and Vaughan, Christopher C. (2009) Play New York: Penguin Group pp.1 and pp.231
Adams, Sean. (2018) The Field Guide to Super-graphics London: Thames & Hudson pp.9

Special Credit
The typeface in this art work is Arial and modified Arial. Arial, typeface designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders in 1982.

Special Thanks
Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Khoo Khim Han, Nor Zulaila Abd Ghani (Lily), Zi Quan, Eleanor Golding, Peter Cheah, Julio Ng and Jimmy Team

Supported by

Pusat Khidmat Rakyat Parlimen Bangi

–它如何地塑造大脑,敞开想像和鼓舞心灵。”- Stuart Brown, M.D.

在建筑上,一幅荒废的牆很多时候是个荒废的空间,转化它能够给原本的无趣呆板赋予巨大的能量。漆上一幅面积巨大的寻字游戏在老街的牆上,将创造出艺术和建筑、艺术与人、人与知识、人与人,还有人与自我之间的互动。当地居民和游客行人能够随机跟艺术品互动,从而在这个新奇的环境感受创意和乐趣。“当我们玩乐时,我们会打开可能性和新观点。”和“一个成功的super graphics一般上有三个点:强烈的构思、与建筑光线与空间的互动,还有与观察者的关系。很多人可以在牆面漆上线条,而设计师可以用上整体空间,依据场地的感觉和景况而改变这个环境,从而创造出一个有文字,色彩与形体的故事。”

被隐藏的答案都是与加影相关的事物,这将让行人能够动动脑筋,唤起他们关于我们这个城镇独特的事物,其中包括Stadium, Satay, Mining 等等。