Skills: DESIGN

Client: LETO
Creative Agency: Pineapple Studio, Kuala Lumpur
Role: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Touchpoints
Website: LETO

Leto music studio is a music studio for young children in Malaysia and China. The mission is to nurture new generation with love, passion and patience in music teaching.

Studio named LETO is derived from Apollo. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the Greek Olympian God of music, sun, light, prophesy and healing. As God of music, Apollo is often depicted playing the lyre. LETO was Apollo’s mother, who was also one of the Titanides (female Titans), a bride of Zeus. LETO was described as the “gentlest in all Olympus”, being always gentle and mild towards others. LETO was a very decent and respectful figure in Greek mythology and she was actually representing motherhood. In Greek vase painting, LETO was usually depicted as a woman lifting her veil in a gesture of modesty. She was usually depicted accompanied by her children.

Leto structure-01