Lost in Liverpool Street

Skills: FINE ART

June – September 2015




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Walking Bodies:
The city as a living museum.
Dérive intervention.
For most of the people that inhabit busy cities like London; the city for them is not that interesting, they walk its streets, not for what story each street revels but because they afford them transit, from one point to another. They think tactically and they move quickly. Walking becomes a negation for them, whether they navigate their selves through undergrounds or negotiating with their surroundings that shapes the city. If they pay any attention to their surroundings at all, it is in the interest of safety, to avoid traffic and any collision.

Questioning how to make the world present?
Participants were asked to watch their steps, listen, feel, take a chance, walk on an unknown path by exploring the concept of the Dérive as a mode of inspiration and art production.
Definition of Dérive: aimless, random drifting through a place guided by whim and an awareness of how different spaces draw you in or repels you.
The work explores the idea of movement in urban spaces; it takes the travellers off their predictable paths and brings them into a new awareness of the city.

A fine artist was requested to create this new experience of the city. She was commissioned to walk for an hour in the busy Liverpool Street without any destination in mind.

Naomichig becomes an observer of the city. She came across to a lot of people been on the move, noises of constructions, people on the phone.

What connects them? The idea of wires that carry electricity, water pipes, public services; the idea of living in a wireless and wired life, shaped her practice.

By recording her journey through the city, she decided to present the sounds collected for her journey, into the installation – ‘Lost in Liverpool Street’. The materials used for this installation, are wire and four headsets with recorded sounds of the place. The wire acts as a joint for the four different sound checkpoints, into one piece; as well as an elegant drawing in space. She allows the viewer to have an individual experience of her walk by listening to the recorded live sounds, as their imagination becomes her footsteps.

Project Curator/editor: Elia Neophytou
Contact: elianeophytou07@gmail.com