Wrapping Site

Skills: FINE ART

August 2015

IMG_5610Wrapping Site 001

IMG_5613Wrapping Site 002

IMG_5615Wrapping Site 003

IMG_5603Wrapping Site 004

IMG_5611Wrapping Site 004

IMG_5608Wrapping Site 005

IMG_5607Wrapping Site 006

IMG_5599Wrapping Site 007

IMG_5600Wrapping Site 008

A series of wall hanging pieces show the peculiarity of the material, the net is formed by millions of hexagons. It is fragile but it is foldable and able to construct form. With combination of white painted wood blocks and stick, they look more structured, secure, balance and beautiful. They are each combinations of two to four colours, just like the mixes of colours on the palette, they look tender and fresh. Each piece of work is representing the scene of a safety construction site in abstract way.